Made in Australia

Volvo Trucks recognised very early on the operating challenges that customers faced in Australia – heavier loads, greater distances, a climate ranging from the hot and dusty and Outback, to the ice and snow of the Snowy Mountains. In short, conditions that make trucks work harder than just about anywhere in the world.


The all new FH & FH16 XXL is designed to be a home away from home for long-haul drivers out on tough assignments.

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For the most demanding operations, the Volvo FH16 is the most powerful truck of the range.

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The leader in long haul, the Volvo FH delivers unmatched driver comfort, safety and economy.

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Our most versatile truck. Stunning design, fantastic handling and great operating economy.

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The modern construction truck. Strong, robust and packed with groundbreaking features.

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Flexibility, driveability and first-class productivity in a compact regional distribution truck.

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Proudly Australian Built

Volvo Truck's Australian engineers have used globally proven platforms and the latest technologies to design and test trucks that are tailored for Australia's unique conditions. The Australian manufacture facility in Wacol, Brisbane, Queensland continues to build the Volvo Truck range FH, FM and FMX models for the Australian market.

Safety, It's Volvo's DNA

Every Volvo truck is put under vigorous testing and run in Australia to ensure its safety is paramount. Volvo Trucks are built for the unique, harsh Australian conditions, with intensive on-site testing ensuring they can withstand the toughest of conditions, and most importantly, keep the driver safe at all times.

Crawl slow, run lean

Starting from standstill while hauling a massive 325 tonnes? It’s been made possible with Volvo Trucks’ unique I–Shift with crawler gear technology.
I–Shift with crawler gears is a gearbox designed to provide power and extreme startability, which are crucial to heavy duty assignments.

Keep your Volvo in top condition

From scheduled maintenance to 100% uptime guaranteed, a Volvo Service Contract keeps you on the road. By reducing downtime and total cost of ownership, while improving operational control.