Volvo Electric Trucks

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Electromobility made easy

Making the shift to electromobility might feel like a big leap. The CMV Truck & Bus team are ready and committed to making everything as smooth as possible – from defining the right truck to addressing any concerns you might have about charging, operating range and securing deliveries.

Whether you deliver in or between distribution hubs, we can provide an electric transport solution with zero exhaust emissions. We'll be your main point of contact. A solid partner determined to make your transition a success – and the necessary CO2 cuts a reality.

Make the switch

Go electric in just four steps

With CMV Truck & Bus, going electric can be a straightforward process. We’ll look through your objectives, needs and routines and help you turn them into a transport solution. As well as defining the best charging setup, we’re on hand to make sure that you get exactly the right trucks and services to match your requirements for productivity and performance through to the day-to-day planning and administration of your business.

Step 1: Why go electric? Define your business case

There’s never been a better time to switch over to electric transportation. Maybe you want to get a head start on your competition or live up to your own customers’ sustainability demands. We’ll help you define your business case based on your operation, your goals and your ambitions.

Step 2: Tell us what you’re looking for

We’ll help you frame your operational requirements and elaborate on variables like energy consumption, load capacity, operating hours and potential charging slots. Then, we’ll help you turn them into transport solutions.

Step 3: We'll define a solution together

Based on the way you run your business, we’ll present you with a solution that fits – with everything from complete vehicles, through charging plans and equipment, to services that will maximise your range and secure your deliveries. 

Step 4: We'll deliver

We’ll specify, build and deliver your complete trucks with superstructure. We’ll also assist with charging plans and equipment. Together, we’ll set up the support framework we’ve agreed on, and then it’s time to get ready to roll.

All ready. Electric

The full Volvo Trucks Electric range

We know that many transport operators work hard to reduce the environmental footprint, improve drivers’ working environment and contribute to make cities quieter and cleaner. We want to support this journey with Volvo medium and heavy-duty Electric Trucks and solutions to go all-electric.

Volvo FH Electric Truck

Volvo FH Electric
From hub to hub in comfort

Move goods fast between logistic hubs.

Explore the Volvo FH Electric

Volvo FM Electric Truck

Volvo FM Electric
Flexible regional assignments

Manage large volumes in busy urban environments.

Explore the Volvo FM Electric

Volvo FH Electric Truck

Volvo FMX Electric
Fit for urban construction

Built for efficiency with a truly robust exterior.

Explore the Volvo FMX Electric

Volvo FE Electric Truck

Volvo FE Electric
Compact but capacious

Waste collection, light construction transports or making deliveries.

Explore the Volvo FE Electric here

Volvo FL Electric Truck

Volvo FL Electric
Door-to-door deliveries

Perfect for city deliveries; high capacity and driver comfort.

Explore the Volvo FL Electric

Electrombolity made easy

FAQs about Electric Trucks

Electromobility is an area still associated with several questions. For example, regarding environmental impact, charging and range. Volvo Trucks Australia have put together a range of FAQs to help answer any questions you may have about Volvo Electromobility and how it can work for your business.

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