Always delivers, on and off the road

Some tasks need to run smoothly even when the conditions are challenging.

The FMX is Volvo Trucks’ most robust construction truck to date and it will make the toughest assignments easier – whether there’s a road or not. Tailor it to your needs and the conditions it will be up against.

Volvo FMX Cab Interior

Ready for action

Enter the Volvo FMX cab and you’ll feel at home, yet it’s different. Your first impression will probably be that it’s spacious and light. All four cab versions offer more space.

Once you’re seated, you’ll find the perfect steering wheel position with the neck tilt function and your hand naturally lands on the new I-Shift gear lever, neatly integrated into the seat. The visibility around the truck is hard to beat; the door line is low, the window surfaces are generous and every angle of the interior is designed to place you in control.

The instrument cluster is fully digital and offers new possibilities to tailor the work environment to your needs in any situation. A new nine-inch side display gives you control of truck functions, like up to eight cameras and intuitive managing of your traction.

Volvo FMX Cab Exterior

Evolved for challenges

The cab is newly designed with an upright profile, more interior space, generous window areas and a low door line. The lower front reinforces its iconically tough profile, together with the sleek V-shaped headlamps. 

True to the Volvo FMX concept, the robust front is protective, durable and its parts are easily replaceable if needed.

You’ll also see that the iron mark in the front is bigger and when you get closer to entering, you’ll notice that the entry steps have a new robust design with a long lasting anti-slip surface. On top of the cab, a steel roof hatch sets the bar for protection in tough operating environments. Details that make a difference.



Australia Made Certification available on all FMX models

Available in both Euro 5 and Euro 6 options

Spacious cab options: Day Cab, Sleeper Cab, Globetrotter Cab

Manage high payloads with 38 tonne bogie

Up to eight cameras, including a passenger corner camera, to optimise views around the truck for every application

Remote Steering using Volvo Dynamic Steering to drive the truck from outside the cab

Skid plate designed to protect the engine oil sump and other vital parts

I-Shift with crawler gears

Well protected headlamps

Traction control panel

9-inch side display with control media, cameras and truck functions

Improved integrated gear lever

Additional storage space of up to 340L

Towing device can pull up to 32 tonnes

EBS as standard on drum brakes

Tyre pressure monitoring

Communicates remotely with your CMV Truck & Bus workshop


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Volvo FMX Cab Options

Day Cab

The Day Cab features a comfortable and ergonomic driver area.

Interior height 164cm: 120cm on the engine compartment cover.

Sleeper Cab

The Sleeper cab offers comfortable overnight accommodation.

Interior height 171cm, 162cm on the engine compartment cover.

Globetrotter Cab

The Globetrotter Cab features extra storage space higher up.

Interior height 201cm: 157cm on the engine compartment cover.

Crew Cab

The Crew Cab features ample space for several additional passengers (up to 9 persons). 

Interior height 159cm.

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