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Efficient and responsible public transport requires a holistic and long-term approach.

Volvo Buses' vision is to provide pioneering transport solutions, and the City Mobility offerings are unsurpassed.

Volvo offers a comprehensive range of city and intercity buses, with a range of electrified city buses allowing operation with substantially reduced emissions and noise levels – even in sensitive areas and restricted zones.

To find out more about our Volvo Bus Australia range, click on the individual bus models below, or to view our range of Volvo Buses and Coaches instock and available for delivery, clicking the button below or contact our Volvo Buses team. 

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Volvo City Buses

Volvo B5L Hybrid

Volvo hybrid technology takes green efficiency to the next level. It's the most fuel-efficient and reliable hybrid solution on the market, delivering impressive fuel-savings and reduced emissions.

Positioned no. 1 hybrid in uptime, and on par with leading diesel buses, the Volvo B5L Hybrid technology is a solid foundation for your city fleet renewal and expansion.

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Volvo B8RLE

The versatile Volvo B8RLE will meet any need in intercity and commuter applications.

Built with your business in mind, the Volvo B8RLE offers superior functionality and uptime, passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity.

Available in Euro 5 and Euro 6.

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Volvo BZL Electric

With the new Volvo BZL Electric, you get proven e-mobility technology, a high passenger capacity, excellent performance, and charging solutions to match your operation.

A premium chassis built to the highest standards is the foundation of Volvo's electric buses, offering a silent and comfortable experience for both the driver and passengers.

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Volvo Coach Buses

Volvo B8R

The versatile Volvo B8R will meet any need in city, intercity and coach applications.

Built with your business in mind, the Volvo B8R will improve uptime and offer a world-class level of safety for the driver and passengers.

Available in Euro 5 and Euro 6.

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Volvo B11R

Whether you need a premium coach or trusty line-hauler, the Volvo B11R will exceed your expectations.

Volvo's high quality ensures superior functionality, passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity.

Available in Euro 5 and Euro 6.

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Bus Bodies

Volgren Endura

Volgren's Endura is the bus to add to your fleet when you're looking for engineering excellence matched with outstanding durability.

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Marco Polo Audace

The highly versatile Audace is Volgren's first Marcopolo bus for the Australian market. Its European styling and emphasis on comfort makes it a joy to ride and drive.

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Coach Concepts

Built in Australia, Coach Concepts buses and coaches have been manufactured and designed for Australian conditions.

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Coach Design

Coach Design continually strive for uniqueness and are consistently sourcing new and cutting-edge automotive design ideas from around the world.

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Irizar offers advanced technology solutions across the i6 and i6s range for all bus and coach operators. 

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BusTech designs, engineers and manufactures chassis’ and bodies for mass passenger vehicles.  

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Committed to safety

Towards zero accidents

Everyday, millions of people around the world rely on Volvo buses, and at Volvo they believe it's their job to bring them safely to their destination. 

Watch this video to learn more about Volvo's commitment to safety. 

Genuine Parts

Experience the genuine difference

One of the most important reasons to stay Genuine is safety.

Genuine Volvo Parts only have one quality level, and they maintain it by designing, monitoring, testing and retesting every part to the same high standard as the vehicle itself.

All to ensure they comply with the renowned safety level that the Volvo brand is known for worldwide.