The Volvo FH16

Powered for heavy transport.

The Volvo FH16 is Volvo's most powerful truck, made for heavy assignments where extra power and torque are needed. It manages challenges that other trucks are unable to complete. The efficient D17 engine and upgraded driver comfort are there to meet your requirements for productivity.

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Australia Made Certification available on all FH16 models built

Applications: Heavy transport assignments, forestry and timber transportation, mining and quarry transportation

Range of cab options: Low sleeper cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter XL cab, Globetrotter XXL cab 

Power: 600-780 hp

Remote Steering using Volvo Dynamic Steering to drive the truck from outside the cab

Change Direction function

Adaptive cruise control with stop and go, and downhill cruise control

I-Shift with crawler gears 

Flexible chassis options

Up to 3800 Nm of torque

Save fuel with I-See

Headlamp design with a black theme is unique for the Volvo FH16 

Communicates remotely with your CMV Truck & Bus workshop


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Volvo FH16 Cab Options

The Volvo FH16 comes with a wide range of cabs to fit your requirements. You can choose between the energy saving Camera Monitor System and side mirrors. Take a closer look at the alternatives.

Globetrotter XXL Cab

The Globetrotter XXL cab for the Volvo FH16 combines excellent driving and living comfort for two people. Superb sleeping comfort in the longer and wider lower bed.

Globetrotter XL Cab

The Globetrotter XL cab for the Volvo FH16 combines excellent driving and living comfort for two people with plenty of storage and space.

Sleeper Cab

The sleeper cab for the Volvo FH16 offers excellent driving comfort and comfortable overnight accommodation for up to two people combined with limited standing height.

Low Sleeper Cab

The low sleeper cab for the Volvo FH16 offers a lower exterior cab height combined with excellent driving comfort, comfortable overnight accommodation for one and limited standing height.

Explore the Volvo FH16

Power & productivity

Volvo FH16 offers refined power for productivity along with the highest level of cab comfort. Regardless of what version you choose, it's evident that this is something extra.

Volvo FH16 high beam
Optimized vision with adaptive high beam

A headlamp design with a black theme is unique for the Volvo FH16. The LED lights offers excellent vision and a distinct profile. Go with the adaptive high beam to maximize your vision without dazzling other road users.

Volvo FH climate
An interior to match

The Volvo FH16 comes with leather trim, it’s clear that this is a step ahead of the rest.

Volvo FH interior
Volvo Dynamic Steering

Managing heavy loads in low speed maneuvers, or driving at high speeds in ruts or over potholes? Volvo Dynamic Steering is there like a steady hand to make your driving easier and relieve the strain.

Volvo FH16 intersection
Save fuel with I-See

I-See optimizes speed, gear changes and coasting for your route ahead to save fuel. It takes upcoming topography, curves, into real-time consideration to improve fuel efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Volvo FH16 wind turbine
Axles to maximize your load capacity

For extreme load capacity, you can get your Volvo FH16 with up to five axles straight from the factory. Ready to drive, with warranty and aftermarket support.

Volvo FH16 Camera Monitor System
Camera Monitor System

The Camera Monitor System improves aerodynamics to save energy. It also improves your direct vision and features monitoring functions that mirrors don’t have. 

Volvo FH16 engine

The D17 engine delivers

With up to 780hp, the D17 is the most powerful engine you can get in a Volvo truck. But it’s the fuel efficiency and the massive torque available that makes the Volvo FH16 the perfect match for heavy transports and other demanding assignments.

Volvo FH I-Shift
D17 power in four levels

The D17 engine comes with all the power and efficiency that you could ask for in heavy transports. Choose between 600hp, 700hp and 780hp. To help you reduce your carbon footprint and fulfill special requirements, you can fuel all output levels with HVO.

Volvo FH Dynamic Steering
More torque

The D17 engine brings more power, up to 3800 Nm of torque and more engine braking power at low engine speeds. It lets you tailor an efficient powertrain that performs just right for your needs even when your standards are high.

Volvo FH16 features

More control with I-Shift

With I-Shift, you’re in charge, whether you need traction to start or maintain torque at low speed.

Volvo FH16 Roundabout
Crawler gears

Pulling away with a heavy load is a challenge for both your traction and your clutch. I-Shift with crawler gears improves the startability and reduces the strain on your clutch significantly.

Volvo FH16 Change Direction
One pedal driving

The Change Direction function lets you shift between forward and reverse by using the accelerator only. At speeds up to 4 km/h, Terrain Brake lets you use the accelerator to control both the engine throttle and the wheel brakes.

Volvo FH16 I-Shift Software
Intelligent software

The magic happens in the electronic control unit, managing the clutch and shifts. A range of software packages lets you tailor the I-Shift for your needs. A special heavy-duty package is available to help you manage extreme loads.

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