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Making Volvo Trucks as safe as possible for the driver and all other road users

Safer for everyone

Developing safer trucks has always been about more than protection. Because naturally, the safest accident is the one that doesn’t happen. Volvo Trucks Australia create smart safety systems that are designed to monitor the truck behaviour and surrounding traffic to predict safety hazards and intervene to prevent accidents from happening.

Have a minute to spare? Take a look at the following video to learn more about cab safety with the Volvo FH, and how it has undertaken thousands of simulated collision tests and around one hundred real crash tests. All together several improvements make the Volvo FH cab the safest ever built in the history of Volvo Trucks.

Safety - deeply imprinted in Volvo Trucks Australia's DNA

Leaders in traffic safety

Every Volvo Truck is put under vigorous testing and run in Australia to ensure its safety is paramount. Volvo Trucks are built for the unique, harsh Australian conditions, with intensive on-site testing ensuring they can withstand the toughest of conditions, but most importantly keep the driver safe at all times.

Volvo Trucks built to optimise driver safety

Active safety

New technology is enabling increasingly sophisticated active safety systems to be installed in Volvo Trucks heavy-duty ranges. By helping drivers to prevent accidents, Volvo Trucks safety systems core focus is on saving lives and making our roads safer for everyone. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Lane Keeping Support

Emergency Brake Lights

Driver Alert Support

Lane Changing Support

Electronic Stability Control



Take a look at this demonstration video on how Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist and Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist, are designed to save lives and help drivers to deal with unexpected traffic situations.


Demonstration of Volvo's safety 

Volvo FH - safest truck

On the open road in the Pilbara, an in-cabin camera captured live footage of Volvo’s safety features in action.

It records a Volvo FH16 60 metre Quad Roadtrain truck travelling at 85km/hr colliding head on with a detached trailer from a road-train travelling in the opposite direction.

The driver demonstrated exceptional professionalism and respect for other road users by alerting other operators by radio of the impending danger they were approaching, including the detached trailer.

The driver stayed alert and was able to walk away from the incident with Zero Harm.

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Leading-edge safety. Protecting your most important asset.

Volvo Trucks continue to lead the way for safer transportation. With 90 years of dedication to safety, has taught Volvo Truck engineers, that requirements keep changing and they continue to adapt and create smarter safety systems.

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