The Volvo FM

The flexible specialist.

The Volvo FM is a flexible heavy-duty truck for active drivers, and it’s ready to take on any assignment with ease. Tailor yours for anything between regional transport assignments to specialized missions around urban areas requiring rigid trucks.

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Australia Made Certification available on all FM models

Applications: Regional-haul transport assignments, chemical and petroleum transport, delivery transport, waste and recycling transport, public service and utility transport

Power: 330–500 hp

Heavy duty electric, D11 and D13 engines available

Two different versions of exterior trim are available

Available with five different interior trim levels

Flexible chassis options

Two alternative climate systems available

Volvo Dynamic Steering

EBS is now available both for disc brakes and Z-cam drum brakes (for a selected range of axle configurations and chassis heights)

Communicates remotely with your CMV Truck & Bus workshop


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Volvo FM Cab Options

Tailor your Volvo FM with the cab that fits your needs. You can choose between the energy saving Camera Monitor System and side mirrors.

Volvo FM Day Cab

Day Cab

The Volvo FM with the day cab offers a comfortable and ergonomic driver environment. The cab length is optimized to maximize the length of the load carrier.



Volvo FM Low Day Cab

Low Day Cab

The Volvo FM with the low day cab offers a comfortable and ergonomic driver environment. The cab is the right choice when a superstructure needs space above the cab or the operating environment limits the vehicle height.

Volvo FM Sleeper Cab

Sleeper Cab

The Volvo FM with the sleeper cab combines excellent driving comfort and comfortable overnight accommodation for one person and limited standing height.


Volvo FM Low Sleeper Cab

Low Sleeper Cab

The Volvo FM with the low sleeper cab combines excellent driving comfort, comfortable overnight accommodation for one and limited standing height. It’s a perfect match when a superstructure needs space on top of the cab, like car transports.

Volvo FM Globetrotter Cab

Globetrotter Cab

The Volvo FM with the Globetrotter cab combines excellent driving and living comfort for up to two people. It offers lots of storage and full standing height on the floor.

Volvo FM Low Crew Cab

Crew Cab

The Volvo FM with crew cab can accommodate a crew of up to nine in total. It’s designed for safe and quick entry and exit.


Explore the Volvo FM

A cab designed for busy days

Made for drivers that move into, out of and around the cab. The Volvo FM offers comfort and space in the same league as its bigger siblings. The direct vision and supporting solutions cater for a high level of safety in urban areas.

Volvo FM Camera Monitor System
Camera Monitor System

The Camera Monitor System clears the direct view and opens up your visual field in both good and challenging conditions. Night vision improves your view in the dark. With the passenger corner camera, you uncover the hidden area close to the truck on the passenger side to improve safety.

Volvo FH interior
Infotainment and audio

A driver interface that’s easy to use, an infotainment system and an audio system available in two levels make the Volvo FM a comfortable experience, whether you're driving or resting.

Volvo FM low driving position
Closer to the ground

The Volvo FM's cab design is low with a driving position close to the ground. From here, making eye contact with other road users and having control of the areas close to the truck is easier. And the more you get in and out of the cab during the day, the more you’ll love the convenient height. 

Volvo FM Dynamic Steering
Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Dynamic Steering is like a helping hand that makes your driving easier and more precise, and relieves the strain. Fine-tune it for your own requirements with your personal settings. It also adds functionality to your driver support systems, with active steering in different situations. And should you blow a tire, the system will help you keep a steady course until you stop.

Volvo FM I-Shift
Perfect gear changes with I-Shift

I-Shift offers a range of transmissions that makes your driving easy and efficient. It can be used for everything from long-haul and construction transport to city deliveries. A line of option packages lets you tailor it to your needs with one-pedal driving functions and more. Shouldn’t that be enough, the I-Shift Dual Clutch changes gear without interruption in power delivery. And with crawler gears, you can combine excellent startability with energy efficiency at high speeds.

Volvo FM Cyclist
Driver support systems for your safety

If there’s a certain risk of a collision ahead, Collision Warning with Emergency Brake is there to alert you and apply the brakes if needed. Side Collision Avoidance Support on the passenger side if there’s a risk of a collision. All directions count in safety.

Volvo FM versatility

A chassis ready for your challenges

Whether you're going to pick up containers in ports, transport chemicals, maneuver through construction sites or build an extremely specialized superstructure on a rigid truck - the Volvo FM can be tailored for it. This is Volvo's most versatile truck model.

Volvo FM 10-tonne axles
A flexible chassis

The chassis is tailored for you in Volvo's factory. You’ll be surprised how light Volvo can build a Volvo FM once your sales person knows how you’ll use it. The 10-tonne front axles allow for massive load capacity and maneuverability. And with the Work Remote, you can control the bodywork and powertrain when you’re away from the driver's seat.

Volvo FM body build
Help for body builders

When you order your Volvo truck, Volva prepare it for body building in the factory. The body builder gets access to the Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions (VBI) online portal with all the details needed to finish your truck for use, efficiently and with the highest possible quality. A dedicated module lets the body builder tap into the truck’s electrical system to tailor the functions needed.

Volvo FM crew cab
A cab for your whole crew

Some operations require more than a driver and a co-driver. The Volvo crew cab can accommodate a crew of up to nine. Entry and exit are made quick and safe. To facilitate the body building process, Volvo placed components like fuel tanks, batteries and exhaust aftertreatment system under the cab.

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Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.