Presence, attractive graphics and ergonomics

Personalisation and flexibility to meet the demands of customers is key to Irizar’s bus and coach body range.

Presence, attractive graphics, aerodynamic lines, solid forms, robustness, ergonomics and accessibility to some of the characteristics that our buses and coaches project to the world. Irizar i6 and i6s combine the reliability and fuel economy from European drive line. The modern and classic design of Irizar i6 and i6s product range consist of cutting edge technology that emphasises concepts like quality, robustness and reliability in a model with a personality of its own. 

The Irizar i6 is a versatile charter school bus and coach that is ideal for express and touring services. It is a robust but light, quiet and reliable bus and coach allowing a high degree of customisation. Offered in various lengths, a range of entertainment systems, new interior fabrics in countless colours and finishes, the Irizar i6s is a versatile high-end coach, ideal for commuter and touring services. It stands out due to its features, design, aerodynamics, attention to detail, safety and comfort.

Volvo Bus Chassis

Volvo Bus Chassis designed for Irizar Bus Bodies

Volvo B11R

The versatile Volvo B11R provides everything you need to create an attractive and profitable coach, with excellent performance and ride comfort to keep your passengers satisfied.

Volvo B8R

Delivering superior functionality, passenger comfort, lifecycle productivity, reliability and fuel-efficiency, the Volvo B8R will meet any need in commuter, transit and short to medium haul coach operations. 

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