VOLVO BZL Electric

Go electric with Volvo

The new Volvo BZL Electric is the core of a responsible and productive electric bus system.

With the Volvo BZL Electric you get proven e-mobility technology, a high passenger capacity, excellent performance, and charging solutions to match your operation.

Designed for flexibility, the Volvo BZL Electric comes with multiple options for the bodybuilder, with the wheelbase and overhang easily adaptable to a body design that meets your operational requirements.


Up to 13m in length

GVM 19,500 kg

Electric motor (up to two motors available). Output max 200kW/400kW

2 speed automated manual transmission

Up to 470kWh energy storage capacitgy

Automatically temperature controlled lithium-ion battery (NCA)

Electrically driver hydraulic steering

Electric Braking System (EBS5)

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Acceleration Slip Regulator (ASR)

Brake blending

Hill Start Aid

Electronic Stability Control


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Powerful and smooth

A first-class driving experience

Featuring a single or dual 200kW low-loss electric motor, the Volvo BZL Electric delivers impressive torque and driveability for safe operation, even in the most demanding conditions.

With a power output of no less than 540hp, the Volvo BZL Electric is an untiring hill climber, and will allow for swift and smooth operation for those tight schedules.

The Volvo BZL Electric's two-stage automated gearbox also increases wheel torque at low speed and evens out current peaks, resulting in reduced energy usage and driveline wear.

Driver and passenger comfort

A comfortable workplace

The Volvo BZL Electric has been designed to make driving impressively easy, quiet and comfortable.

The driveline has been fine-tuned to perfectly harmonize with the premium quality chassis design, making a perfect base for building a bus with very low interior noise. Your passengers will appreciate the silent atmosphere, which is also a relief for the driver, helping them stay more focused and alert.

The extensive adjustment possibilities, ergonomic dashboard design and layout also reduce driver stress and improve working comfort.