Marco Polo Audace

Versatility, value and European style

The highly versatile Audace is Volgren’s first Marco Polo bus for the Australian market. It’s European styling and emphasis on driver and passenger comfort makes it a joy to ride, to drive and to look at. 

Volgren have developed a vehicle ideal for short and medium distances for school and charter bus operations aswell as add in features for toilet facility and wheelchair lift, you get the flexibility that comes with a multipurpose vehicle adapted to your requirements. 

Taken into account comfort, ergonomics and safety in the design of the Audace. The windscreen and bonded glass panes extend visibility for the driver and the passengers. LED lights increase energy efficiency and require far less maintenance when compared with alternatives. The bus is fitted with a four-camera CCTV security system for increased passenger safety.

Volvo Bus Chassis

Volvo Bus Chassis designed for Volgren Bus Bodies

Volvo B8R

Delivering superior functionality, passenger comfort, lifecycle productivity, reliability and fuel-efficiency, the Volvo B8R will meet any need.

Marco Polo Bus Body Gallery