Designed for fuel-efficiency

Volvo's hybrid technology takes green efficiency to the next level. It's the most fuel efficient and reliable hybrid solution on the market, delivering impressive fuel-savings and reduced emissions.

The Volvo B5L Hybrid features an 'all-Volvo' driveline, designed, developed and manufactured by the world leader in hybrid buses.

With uptime results better than any other hybrid bus on the market, the Volvo B5L Hybrid is on par with the very best diesel buses, proven by millions of kilometres of experience in commercial operation.



240 hp diesel engine boosted by an additional 110 KW pure electric power

Up to 12.5m in length

Parallel diesel electric hybrid chassis - offering fuel savings up to 40%

30-40% reduction in CO2

Drop in hazardous emissions of almost 50%

Maximizing performances and monitoring efficiency with I-Shift

Electronically controlled air suspension with kneeling function

Volvo electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS)

Brake Blending function

ESS Active Cooling System

Power steering - Electric driven hydraulic steering

Hill Start Aid

Brake Assist

Volvo Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Durable frame made of carbon steel


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Fuel efficiency

Impressive fuel savings from day one

The Volvo B5L Hybrid's technology is the most fuel efficient on the market. Widely proven in years of commercial operation, the B5L Hybrid has reported savings in the range of 30 - 40%.

Air conditioning, power steering and brakes are a few features that are electrically powered in the Volvo B5L Hybrid. This not only helps save fuel, but also means the bus is fully operational even when the diesel engine is switched off.

Environmental performance

Emissions, noise, air quality, and health

The best way to cut emissions is to cut fuel consumption, which is how Volvo's hybrid technology offers environmental performance with a clear business upside.

The Volvo B5L Hybrid's driveline is a clean power package, with the diesel engine's 240 hp boosted by an additional 110 kW pure electric power.

Air quality is a major health issue in many cities, and with Volvo's unique parallel hybrid technology in the B5L Hybrid Euro 6 version, nitrogen oxides and harmful particulates can be reduced by more than 50%.

Volvo's hybrid technology also contributes to reduced noise, for both passengers and in the city environment. Limited idling at the bus stop, silent take-off in electric mode and battery-powered auxiliaries reduce disturbing noise to a minimum.