Advanced design for a range of conditions

As the name suggests, Volgren’s Endura is the bus to add to your fleet when you’re looking for engineering excellence matched with outstanding durability. 

The Volgren Endura is built to withstand the most exacting use, whether you intend to operate it as a coach, a school bus or under the toughest of conditions as a mine transport vehicle. An Australian-designed vehicle with a corrosion-resistant body, meaning lower fuel consumption, less wear-and-tear, cheaper repairs and less maintenance over the life of the bus.

The Endura is more environmentally friendly such as chromate- free screws and fully recyclable which makes it easier to repair and service. The Volgren Endura is also an ideal transportation vehicle for Australian mine site conditions. The aluminium construction makes them corrosion resistant and gives them a lower cost over the life of the vehicle than steel alternatives. They’re also lighter, safer and offer a more comfortable ride than many other options on the market.


Volvo Bus Chassis

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