The CMV Truck & Bus team continue to pride themselves on the relationships built with our valued customers, which extends well beyond the hand over of a truck. We are committed to supporting businesses to ensure they have as much uptime as possible and the best truck for their business.

Auswide Transport Solutions has been in business for 10 years, offering late model trucks and trailing equipment to their customers across Australia. They pride themselves on the equipment and the safe and reliable services they provide to customers, which has led them to become a leader in the linehaul and transport industry.

CMV Truck & Bus’ first dealings with Amrit, Auswide Transport Solutions Director, was through the sale of a second hand FH540 XXL around 2012. From there, Amrit has built his fleet to over 145 prime movers and five hundred supporting pieces of trailing equipment.

Over the years Amrit has looked for two main suppliers for his growing fleet and thanks to the relationships built with our team and the support we provide, Volvo Trucks play a large role in the fleet.

Andrew Cox, CMV Truck & Bus Account Manager, has worked with Amrit, and now Tommy Pausic, Auswide Transport Solution General Manager, and the Auswide team for six years and in late 2020 Andrew had the pleasure of handing Tommy the keys to Auswide’s 50th Volvo Truck, a Volvo FH XL, as well as another nine trucks.

When asked as to why they choose the Volvo product, Tommy believes they have invested in the right product for the job, and they value the reliability.

“The Volvo product is exceptional - they are comfortable and easy to drive. We are confident in the fact that these trucks seldom breakdown. This ensures we meet our targets we promise our clients,” explains Tommy.

When it comes down to why they choose to work with Andrew and the CMV Truck & Bus team, it’s thanks to the strong relationships we have built with Tommy and the Auswide team, paired with the ongoing support we provide.

“CMV Truck & Bus is considered a value-add partner which supports our ongoing success. There is very little downtime,” says Tommy.

In mid August, Andrew had the pleasure of handing over more impressive new Volvo Trucks, this time three Volvo FH 600 XLs. These beauties feature 600hp engines with 2800Nm torque, Volvo I-Shift 3100Nm transmissions and the full safety pack including Lane Change Support, Driver Alert System, Adaptive Cruise, Forward Collision Warning, Auto Emergency Brakes and Lane Keeping System. 

The support from the CMV Truck & Bus team doesn’t stop once a truck handover is completed, we continue to support Auswide and their workshop by suppling VCADS Computer and training for the team.

“We have an elaborate onsite consignment stock warehouse. This includes our very own onsite Storeman which is a considerable advantage. Again, less down time,” explains Tommy.

Since Tommy joined Auswide, Andrew has taken the time to build a strong and lasting working relationship with him, which is extremely important to both parties.

“Andrew brings cheap coffee that tastes like nothing but he’s always smiling. Lots of positive energy,” jokes Tommy.

When asked what he appreciates the most about being a CMV Truck & Bus customer, for Tommy it comes down to the support from our team.

“The after sales support is second to none. Plus, the ease of dealing with the Volvo team. It’s a proud business that take it very personally. We are not just a number. In my view, they actually care.

“CMV Truck & Bus are a professional and friendly family-owned business that is always willing to assist and go that extra mile,” explains Tommy.

While Tommy is a self-professed Kenworth man, he acknowledges that Volvo is an exceptional product and Andrew and the CMV Truck & Bus team look forward to working with Tommy, Amrit and the Auswide Transport Solutions team well into the future. 

Auswide Transport Solutions is one of the largest third party linehaul providers in Australia. They have a national footprint operating out of depots in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Dubbo. The core business model is to provide heavy vehicle trailing combinations, i.e. semi-trailers, B Doubles, Roadtrains, towed by their own prime movers, driven by Auswide’s drivers, interstate. Auswide understand this necessity across Australia, servicing their customers’ needs with where they need their freight to go. 

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