Are you working with heavy loads or on steep grades? Do you need extra power in tough terrain? 

Great news - Mack’s mDRIVE is now available with additional multi-speed reverse gears and an extended range of deep reduction gears. 

The mDRIVE Heavy Duty (HD) 13 speed or Xtreme Heavy Duty (XHD) 14 speed transmissions allow you to slow your truck down for those jobs that require extra precision, or speed it up to take on your roughest work. 

Lower gear ratios

The mDRIVE HD and XHD are engineered with additional deep reduction gears for demanding work, as well as multi-speed reverse gears for increased startability, manoeuvrability and flexibility in low-speed applications.

Rock free and power launch

With the mDRIVE HD and XHD you won’t need to worry about troublesome terrain. If your truck is stuck, the mDRIVE HD and XHD will rock your vehicle back and forth to break you free.

In tougher situations when rocking won’t release your truck from sand or loose soil, the mDRIVE HD and XHD allows you to raise the engine RPM and torque prior to engaging drive mode, to free your vehicle.

PTO options

Both the mDRIVE HD and XHD are available with up to two different rear transmission-mounted PTO options, as well as an optional factory-installed piston and gear-driven hydraulic pump. 

PowerleashTM engine brake

With the mDRIVE HD and XHD, the engine, engine brake and transmission work together, creating a controlled descent speed without overspeeding your engine. 

Grade Gripper

The mDRIVE HD and XHD’s Grade Gripper eliminates roll-back and ensures your vehicle keeps its position steady when on an incline for up to three seconds after the brake pedal is released. 

Maxi Shift and Heavy Duty Shift

Maxi Shift maximises gradeability and improves starting and shifting on rough terrain.

Heavy Duty Shift offers even more performance-oriented shift points and less skip shifting, perfect for the trucks that shoulder your largest loads.

Complete integration

The mDRIVE HD and XHD are designed to integrate seamlessly with Mack MP8 and MP10 engines and axles for improved efficiency, increased uptime and lower cost.

Increased productivity

With the mDRIVE HD and XHD, drivers don’t have to worry about manually shifting gears, meaning less physical stress on the driver, allowing them to stay focussed and finish the job strong. 

With the additional deep reduction gears, drivers can easily adapt to whatever the job demands, resulting in increased productivity and performance.

Lighter than the competition

While the mDRIVE HD and XHD is built strong to make Mack Anthem, Trident, Super-Liner and Titan models even more productive, they are lighter than the competitors, so you can ditch the dead weight and increase your payload.

One-stop service

The mDRIVE HD and XHD can be serviced at all CMV Truck & Bus branches and service centres. Contact our team to find out more.

Keen to find out more and how the mDRIVE can work for you and your business’ applications? Our team are ready to showcase the many benefits of Mack’s mDRIVE with deep reduction gears and work with you to find the right Mack Truck for your business.
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