We know that safety is an important factor for many of our customers and it’s important to know that Mack Trucks pride themselves on offering the safest conventional trucks in Australia. This is in large part thanks to their partnership with Bendix Wingman Fusion – one of the most powerful driver assistance systems in Australia. We invite you to find out more about Bendix Wingman Fusion features and the advanced safety systems available for Mack Trucks today.

Through the partnership with Bendix Wingman Fusion, CMV Truck & Bus & Mack Trucks customers have the opportunity to take their safety features to the next level. A Mack Truck with Bendix Wingman Fusion will be equipped with industry leading active safety technology, coupled with inherent passive safety features, to deliver one of the most advanced safety packages in a conventional truck. 

Features of the new system include:

Collision Mitigation at speeds above 24km/h 
  • Functioning whether cruise control is set or not, the Stationary Vehicle Braking can automatically alert the driver up to 3.5 seconds before potential impact and apply vehicle brakes if a large, stationary, in-lane object is identified
  • Collision Mitigation automatically applies the foundation brakes to help the driver mitigate, or potentially prevent, a possible collision with a forward moving vehicle
Adaptive Cruise Control with Braking (functions when cruise control is on and set) 
  • Adaptive Cruise Control reduces throttle, engages engine retarder and applies foundation brakes to help the driver maintain a set following distance behind a forward vehicle 
  • The next generation radar, camera, and brake system are linked to each other and they are designed to constantly gather, share, and confirm information, all the while communicating with the engine retarder and brakes
Alerts (are always available whether cruise control is engaged or not) 

Keeping alert while driving, particularly for long haul assignments, can be very tiring. This is why Bendix Wingman Fusion’s Alert systems offered across the Mack Trucks Australia range are designed to keep the driver safe.

Take a look at the number of safety alert systems available for your Mack Truck:

  • Alert Prioritisation – only the most critical alert is sounded to the driver to minimise distractions during potentially severe events.
  • Lane Departure Warning – Above 60km/h, a “rumble strip” sound alerts the driver to unintentional lane departure.
  • Following Distance Alert – At speeds over 8km/h, audible and visual alerts let the driver know when they are getting too close to the forward vehicle.
  • Impact Alert – Above 24km/h, audible and visual alerts warn the driver that a collision with the forward vehicle is likely and that they should address the situation immediately.
  • Stationary Object Alert – When a large metallic object(s) may be blocking the lane of travel, above 16km/h, the driver receives audible and visual alerts up to 3.0 seconds before potential impact

Bendix® BlindSpotter
  • Bendix® BlindSpotter™ is a side object detection system that reduces the drivers’ blind spot and assists with safer lane changes 
  • BlindSpotter™ is a stand-alone driver assistance technology and not integrated with the Fusion™ system
 Electronic Stability System (ESP) / Mack Road Stability Advantage (RSA)
  • The Bendix® ESP® / Mack RSA full-stability system helps drivers mitigate rollovers and loss-of-control situations on wet and dry roadway

The CMV Truck & Bus team understand how important it is to keep your driver and your assets safe, which is we are committed to working with our customers to meet the needs of your business. The Bendix Wingman Fusion safety features are designed to suit your Mack Truck in Australia’s demanding conditions and have been built for the rigorous demands of the job site. Ideally these safety systems will never be needed, but by having advance safety systems, you'll be glad Mack Trucks has your back.

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