We’re proud to be a part of Volvo Trucks Australia’s vast dealer network, especially knowing that safety is deeply imprinted in their DNA.

They are committed to creating innovative truck features and solutions which benefit the safety of everyone in traffic. Volvo Trucks also also take pride in being the leaders in safety, and pioneering innovations which help to prevent accidents and reduce injuries. Not only for the driver, but for everyone.

Through Volvo Trucks’ extensive traffic research analysis of real-life accidents, it has become quite clear that the cause behind many, if not most, road accidents involves human behaviour to some degree. Volvo Trucks understand that safety is so much more than protection.

They recognise that they need to work with all aspects and perspectives of safety to drive progress and this is why Volvo Trucks' global safety campaign focuses on educating children, first and foremost about the importance of road safety.

To help promote traffic safety awareness among children, Volvo Trucks offer their Stop, Look and Wave campaign worldwide. This teaches children to: 

  • Stop before crossing a street
  • Look both ways and make sure you have eye contact with drivers
  • Wave and wait for a wave back to confirm that the drivers have seen you before you walk across to the other side of the street.

Have a watch of the Volvo Trucks 'Stop Look Wave’ video below. This campaign has proudly taught over 100,000 children from around the world to be safer around trucks and heavy traffic.

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To access the Volvo Trucks Stop Look Wave training kit, click here