UD TRUCKS 8 Litre Quon

300kg Lighter, enabling increased payloads

Allowing for greater load efficiency while delivering the same great features and the same ultimate dependability as the 11-litre, the new 8-litre Quon features a GH 8 engine which is 300 kilograms lighter than the original 11-litre models. Now available in the CD 25 360 and the CW 25 360.

CD 25 360

Built to excel in the tough Australian conditions the 8-litre Quon CD25 360VAA can be used for applications such as Rigid FMCG General Freight, Refrigerated Cargo.

CW25 360VAA

The CW model was designed to ensure customers in Australia could use this truck for applications such as Local Government, Waste, Rear Compactors or Metropolitan Tipper Landscaping.


The new 8X4 Quon optimised specification for light construction is tailor made for the Australian market, offering a high-tensile steel chassis frame and low tare weight for increased payload. The turning radius on the agitator spec is an impressive 8.74m, maximising drivability for the operator. The industry leading safety features include disc brakes on all wheels and electronic stability control.

Reliable and Durable


Highly reliable and durable trucks are essential for ensuring the high levels of uptime and distribution that shippers demand. We support our customers' businesses with reliability and durability that they can count on.

Advanced Safety Technology


UD Division combined advance safety technology, such as Pre-crash Brake, the Lane Departure Warning System, and the Millimetre-Wave Inter-Vehicle Distance Warning. Continually adopting new systems in safety and contributing to a reduction in driver fatigue and enabling daily safe driving is their philosophy.

Advanced fuel-efficient driveline


Fuel efficient driving begins as soon as the driver starts. When the engine is running, ECO mode, ESCOT Roll, Acceleration Limiter, Soft Cruise Control, and other features automatically turn on. UD Trucks have a dedicated driver development team who deliver driver development tools to dealers, fleets, and private customers. 

Productivity & Innovation 


The key to efficient transport is increased payload. Quon uses disc brakes and high tensile steel rails for the main frame to reduce vehicle weight. Our chassis designs allow for simpler body-mounting providing a greater range of options.