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Fleet Max Plus - Telematic Solution

Fleet Management made easy

UD Trucks very own telematics system is a high tech wireless communication designed to help you keep your fleet on the road for longer, while reducing ongoing cost. With UD's Fleet Management system, you can rest easy knowing you are in complete control of your fleet. Fleet Max Plus is a comprehensive fleet management solution designed specifically for Australian conditions. Based on world-class technology, Fleet Max Plus is ideal for fleet owners and operators who need their fleet to go the extra mile. Developed and supported locally, Fleet Max Plus provides the most comprehensive real-time vehicle management tracking.

Real life data on your truck fleet

Vehicle monitoring and fleet productivity reporting

Fleet Max Plus utilises fully licensed mapping and is immediately updated as new maps become available. The comprehensive range of reports presents detailed live and historical information including fuel data and driving style parameters that influence fuel economy. You can replay a vehicle’s previous activity at any time to analyse data and perfect your future actions. Features include:

Weekly health check

Mileage monitoring and coverage of national roads

12 months complimentary data when factory installed

Real-time vehicle monitoring

GPS tracking and live internet tracking via GPRS

Driving violations report

Driver profiling and score reports

Geofencing: customised geofencing including sites and roads

Time at location and vehicle usage reports

Automated reports & reminders

Fleet Max Plus comes standard across the entire range of UD Trucks with 12 months complimentary data, and can also be retrofitted to your existing fleet. Fleet Max Plus reports from your vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can personally track and locate your trucks with the touch of a button.

To find out more about UD Trucks advance fleet management system, take a look at the video to see how the system works.

Driver monitoring that leads the way of the future

Benefits of UD Telematics services

Enhances the control of your business

It provides the mission critical information about your fleet to enable you to know where your trucks are and the progress or status of your deliveries.

Provides essential fuel optimization

It provides easy to read reports on fuel usage. You will then be able to take immediate actions, that will lead to more efficient fuel consumption; improvements in your drivers’ behavior resulting in significant cost savings.

Helps manage fleet uptime

It provides comprehensive and proactive support to assist you to maintain your fleet’s uptime. It is through a closer relationship with your UD dealer that they can provide this foundation for continuity and in case of breakdown, time-loss, which will be minimized through our Remote Customer Assistance.

Driver monitoring that leads the way of the future

Benefits of UD Telematics Services

Track and Trace

Track and Trace ensures that you have a precise overview of the location of your fleet – keeping you in control. You will know when your delivery will be made and can plan alternative routes in the event of traffic congestion.

Fuel Loss Alert

Fuel Loss Alert protects your asset. It notifies the driver should there be any unexpected drop in fuel levels through theft or damage.

Fuel Utilization

Fuel Utilization analyses driver behavior and by that generates easy to read reports so that potential areas for fuel savings can be identified and optimised through improved driving techniques.

Proactive Support

Proactive Support is designed to help you increase your vehicle uptime.

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Advanced telematics fleet management system

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