Service Agreements

A variety of options to suit your needs

In order to give your truck exactly the maintenance it needs – neither more nor less – we begin by working together to create a Service Schedule.

The Service Schedule provided by CMV Truck & Bus is tailored to your truck and the way they are used. It shows exactly which measures are needed for your particular truck to continue to provide trouble-free operation.

Please visit the buttons below to discover the 3 levels of Service Agreements available for your UD Truck; UD Trust Basic, UD Trust Extra and UD Trust Ultimate.

UD Trust Basic / Extra / Ultimate

Service agreements with total peace of mind

No matter which level of cover you choose, all three UD Service Agreements offer a range of options that let you tailor the plan to your personal needs. So you won’t compromise on cover or cost.

Trust Basic

Preventative Maintenance

The UD Trust Basic Program aims to identify any faults with your vehicle during routine maintenance services and inform you before any consequential damage occurs.

The UD Trust Basic Program offers protection against unexpected expenses and costly breakdowns.

Trust Basic

Trust Extra

Preventative Maintenance Plus

The Extra Program covers all that is included in the Basic Program as well as repairs to brakes and clutch components.

The Extra Program gives you excellent protection against unplanned standstills.


Trust Extra

Trust Ultimate

Ultimate Maintenance Program

The UD Trust Ultimate Program is the most comprehensive UD Trucks Service Agreement. It covers all that is included in the Basic and Extra Programs with the added confidence of repairs to the electrical, engine, driveline, braking and steering systems. This program also includes UD Roadside Assistance and additional telematics mapping for the life of the agreement.

Trust Ultimate

Genuine Parts

Why take the risk with anything else?

Our dedicated technicians at CMV Truck & Bus know your truck inside-out. Our team constantly update their knowledge and skills as new features are added, and our workshops have all the efficient diagnostics systems, special tools and the very latest service literature available.

At CMV Truck & bus, we only use parts that belong in your truck – UD Genuine Parts. All this means your truck has the shortest possible downtime and is back on the road quickly.

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