Service Agreements

Three levels of agreement, one high standard

When it comes to servicing, every business has different needs.

At CMV Truck & Bus, we offer a choice of three Mack Service Agreements. Depending on the size of your operation and the job your truck does, you can choose one that fits like a glove.

Whether you are a small independent operator or have a large national fleet, at CMV Truck & Bus we will work with you to tailor a Mack Service Agreement that suits your business. 

Custom-built for every customer

Keep your Mack in top condition 

No matter which level of cover you choose, all three Mack Service Agreements offer a range of options that let you tailor the plan to your personal needs. So you won’t compromise on cover or cost.


This is the base model of our three Service Agreements. As well as changing all fluids and filters, our specially trained technicians will carry out the interior and exterior checks you need to avoid safety or reliability issues down the road. Service costs are set upfront at competitive rates.

The Mack Deluxe Service Agreement includes: 

•    Lube servicing
•    Belt tensioners
•    Charge regulators
•    Belts
•    Valve adjustments
•    Prime mover 5th wheel servicing


Includes all of the Deluxe Service Agreement work, plus repairs to components in the driveline (engine, transmission, rear axles).

The Mack Premium Service Agreement includes: 

•    Pistons
•    Valve
•    Exhaust manifolds
•    Crankshaft
•    Gears
•    Bearings & clutch
•    Universal joints & drive shafts
•    Brake lining changes


The Ultimate option gives you our most comprehensive cover. This tier includes all Deluxe and Premium package maintenance, as well as repairs to brakes and wheels, plus in-cab and electrical components.

A Mack Action Service membership is also included with a Mack Ultimate Agreements, plus you’ll be covered by Mack Ultimate Uptime.

All servicing includes:

•    Lube services
•    Full Driveline Coverage
•    Preventative maintenance
•    Telematics

Genuine Parts, ultimate peace of mind

Mack 24 Months Warranty

You can trust Mack Genuine Parts. They are as tough as your truck. With premium materials and precision engineering, they’re built to take whatever the road can throw at them. If a Mack workshop like ours installs genuine parts in your vehicle, Mack will double the warranty from 12 months to 24 months / 500,000km* and cover the labour.

Fitted by experts

When you have a part fitted at CMV Truck & Bus, an authorised Mack workshop, the part is fitted by a technical expert who knows your truck inside-out.

The right part for your truck

Mack Genuine Parts are designed to work perfectly with the make, model and year of your truck. No cheap imitation is ever going to fit
seamlessly and work perfectly like a genuine part.

What Mack can offer you & your business

Mack Ultimate Uptime

As part of the Mack Ultimate Service Agreement, Ultimate Uptime means with one call to Mack, we’ll be on the job so you can get back to doing yours. If it takes us more than 8 hours to get you back on the road, we’ll take the worry off your shoulders by putting money in your pocket. Plus, you’ll get the peace of mind that only comes with Mack Genuine Parts and Service.