Safety first, is always Mack's priority

The safest conventional truck in Australia.

Mack Trucks are the safest conventional trucks in the Australian market. What makes Mack Trucks so safe?

Mack Trucks provide our customers with industry leading active safety technology, coupled with inherent passive safety features, to deliver the most advanced safety package in a conventional truck.

Mack Trucks safety features

Safety first.

Superior safety has a positive impact on business. Mack Trucks Australia partnered with Bendix Wingman Fusion to provide our customers with industry leading active safety technology, coupled with inherent passive safety features, to deliver one of the most advanced safety packages in a conventional truck.  Bendix Wingman Fusion safety features include distance alerts, stationary object alert, advanced collision mitigation system, Bendix® BlindSpotter, lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control, all of which help the driver to navigate in city traffic with minimum stress.

Core ABS braking

Park brake door alarm

Front and side underrun protection (FUPs and SUPs)

Automated Manual Transmission - reducing driver fatigue

Grade Gripper

Cabin strength - steel cabins have undergone testing to comply with UN ECE regulations 29R

High-visibility doors

Integrated seat belt/suspension seat

Bonnet absorbs impact

Watch this video demonstration of a Mack Truck providing an alert and braking intervention when the system definitively identifies a large, stationary vehicle in the lane, to help the driver mitigate a collision.

Road stability advantage

Protect your fleet with advanced safety systems.

Mack Trucks' road full-stability system helps drivers mitigate rollovers and loss-of-control situations on wet and dry roads. The system helps to mitigate vehicle jack-knifes, slides, skids and loss-of-control through advanced monitoring of a variety of vehicle parameters, and the automatic and selective application of vehicle brakes. The Mack road stability advantage system (RSA), through its roll stability program, also helps to mitigate rollovers through advanced sensing and automatic application of the vehicle's brakes.

To see how the road stability advantage system works, have a watch of the following video which demonstrates how the Mack Metro-Liner quickly and automatically intervenes before reaching a critical situation. 

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