Low Tare + High Productivity = Profit

One of the most popular trucks in the construction and distribution sectors, and why? Because Mack have designed it specifically for these jobs. 

If you need a rugged concrete agitator, an agile tipper or a manoeuvrable tanker, Metro-Liner is the truck for you. 

The Low Centre of Gravity Metro-Liner

Improving safety for drivers

The Low Centre of Gravity Metro-Liner has been designed and engineered with the goal to reduce the risk of agitator rollovers and improve safety for drivers on the road.

The improved design offers a number of benefits including optimised Chassis mounting angle for Transit Mixed installation and better roll stability through:

  • a lower centre of gravity by using lowered Mack MIL-M suspension, lower profile tyres with lowered Cesco frameless transit mixer bowl
  • Thicker and stiffer chassis
  • Stiffer suspension provided by Mack's proprietary MIL-M inverted leaf spring rear suspension
  • Reduced tare weight, achieved by removing the bowl sub-frame and mounting the bowl to the chassis


Available in 6x4, 8x4 and 10x4 configurations

Flexible drive-line options

Optional road stability advantage rollover prevention

Optimum wheel cut and low bonnet height for excellent visibility and manoeuvrability

10x4 configuration comes standard with a liftable lazy axle

Quiet and comfortable cab

Great fuel economy and low emissions


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