How to cut you fuel cost with Mack Trucks

OCTOBER 01, 2020

In a business with wafer-thin margins, one of the few costs you can really control is fuel. CMV Truck & Bus can prepare you with Fuel Solution coaching, advice and technology for your Mack Truck. Find out more about how you can cut your fuel costs by 5%, year-in, year-out.

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Driver Development – Get the best from you UD Truck

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

Every transport operator wants to reduce fuel costs, increase productivity and improve safety, but how can you manage all these things? CMV Truck & Bus have worked together with UD Trucks to develop a UD Driver Development program to help you make the right changes to assist your performance and your bottom line. 

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Volvo Trucks | Proudly made in Australia

AUGUST 14, 2020

Volvo Trucks have been designing and building trucks right here in Australia for more than 45 years. Volvo Trucks’ locally built models are proud to be certified as ‘Australian Made’ as this means that whilst Volvo Trucks can support our customers with trucks built specifically for Australia’s conditions, they are also supporting Australia’s economy. Have a read to find out more about the benefits of Australian Made Volvo Trucks and how the CMV Truck & Bus team can assist you in customising your Volvo Truck to ensure it is perfect for your business.

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Keep ahead of the game with Mack Telematics

JULY 29, 2020

Have you ever wondered how you can manage and monitor all your drivers’ needs when they’re out on the road? Mack Truck’s very own Telematics System monitors driver and truck performance, with real-time analysis and top-line reporting. CMV Truck & Bus’ Mack experts have put together a number of benefits of the System that you can take advantage of, to keep you ahead of the game.

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UD announces the new Quon 8x4

JULY 27, 2020

With a multitude of combinations of wheelbases, engines and even transmissions, UD have launched their latest addition – the all-new Quon 8x4. Designed to be the truck of choice for construction, waste management, distribution and agitators, just to mention a few, the all-new Quon 8x4 sets the benchmark as the Japanese truck for safety, comfort and productivity.

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Customer Testimonial | GroLink Nursery & Volvo Trucks

JULY 14, 2020

The CMV Truck & Bus sales team pride themselves on working closely with our customers to ensure that each truck is fully customised to their business and its applications. Have a read of this article to find out more about how we worked with David from GroLink Nursery to ensure his new Volvo Truck was spec'd exactly to the business' requirements.

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Volvo's Fleet Management System

JULY 02, 2020

The Volvo Trucks Fleet Management System is an automated tool which can help you co-ordinate and manage a group of commercial vehicles from one centralised interface. Find out more about how you can ensure you have the right tools to ensure your Volvo Truck works with constant improvements of your business.

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Maximise your Volvo Trucks’ fuel efficiency

JUNE 25, 2020

Did you know that your truck’s specifications have a big impact on fuel consumption and a huge impact on your bottom line?  Take a look at the key tips our team of Volvo experts have put together on how you can choose components and specs for your Volvo Truck to optimise fuel consumption.

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Customer Testimonial & Delivery | Dahlsens

JUNE 18, 2020

In May, Shane from CMV Truck & Bus Dandenong was proud to deliver two new Mack Granites to Andrew from Dahlsens. Find out more about their impressive units, and why they choose Australian made Mack Trucks and CMV Truck & Bus.

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Protect your fleet with Bendix Wingman Fusion

JUNE 15, 2020

We know that safety is an important factor for many of our customers and it’s important to know that Mack Trucks pride themselves on offering the safest conventional trucks in Australia. This is in large part thanks to their partnership with Bendix Wingman Fusion – one of the most powerful driver assistance systems in Australia. 

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