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Volvo FH16

Volvo FH16 - What you get when you pull out all the stops

Where to begin with the FH16? Let’s put it this way: The FH16 700 is the culmination of everything we know about trucks - and then some. Most people get all hyped up on the 700 digits. And while significant, we would like to point to its real implication: 3150 Nm in torque. Now that’s a number to go bananas over. 90 per cent of the torque is available within seconds and it’s immense enough to offer an experience of never-ending increase. The driveline of the Volvo FH16 700 is the ultimate solution for heavy haulage, construction and long haul. It’s also a truck designed to offer the ultimate driving experience.

5 reasons to choose a Volvo FH16

  • Massive torque offers power you’ve only dreamt about
  • I-Shift for the most sophisticated gear-changing system ever
  • Increased average speed with VEB+
  • The interior design of the FH16 offers you the ultimate driver experience
  • Whether you’re working or resting – the FH16 is the most incredible place to be on wheels


Title Volvo FH16 Series
Engine Volvo D16G 16.1 litre, 6 cylinder with Turbocharger
Emission Control Euro5 (ADR80/03) with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Optional Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle (EEV) upgrade available
Power 600Hp or 700Hp
Torque 2800Nm or 3150Nm
Transmission Volvo I-Shift or manual
Configurations 6x4 or 8x4
GVM Up to 34 Tonne (8x4)
GCM Up to 175 Tonne
Suspension Front Parabolic spring; Rear Leaf spring or air suspension
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