VOLVO FH16 Classic

A beauty on the surface. A beast under the hood.

Designed for the heaviest and most demanding operations, the Volvo FH16 Classic is the most powerful truck. 

Its distinctive design expresses the massive capabilities built into it, as well as its level of refinement. It is one of the safest and most comfortable workplaces in the industry.


Large cab design with low air resistance

Sufficient fuel economy and low emissions

Sizeable mirrors and 360-degree visibility

Adaptive cruise control

Night mode function

Safety hatch featuring oversized skylight providing an abundance of natural light

Over 650 different colours

Built-in parking cooler

Electric drying cupboard

Adjustable steering wheel and 20-degree neck tilt function

The choice of manual or electronically controlled bunk

Abundant storage space

Easy-to-use GPS navigation

Built-in Dynafleet app, providing you instant access to fleet, fuel and driver information on your smartphone or tablet

7-inch touch screen

I-shift with crawler gears


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