Refining the space race down under

A larger cab, increased storage and one of the biggest beds in the business.

The all new FH & FH16 Globetrotter XXL Cab is designed to be a home away from home for long-haul drivers out on tough assignments. 

Volvo FH & FH16

XXL Edition

Volvo Trucks has increased the size of its already spacious Globetrotter XL cab for long-haul living comfort. And the difference is really great. 

The cab is a full 600 litres larger than the already spacious Globetrotter XL – giving drivers much more space to stretch out. 

It also includes a larger bed and plenty of extra, easy-to-reach storage.


Cab safety in every detail protects the driver

Comfortable and ergonomically designed driver environment with logical and easy-to-use controls

Aerodynamically designed cab exterior contributes to good fuel economy and increased profitability

Comfortable entry with anti-slip and illuminated steps

Very spacious interior with an advanced climate system

Driver seat with a generous adjustment range

Wide door opening angle and tilt-away steering wheel aid entry into the cab

Comfortable sleeping accommodation for one or two persons, upper bunk available as an option

Lower bunk widened 250 mm and lengthened 130 mm for superior sleeping comfort

Lower bunk with a smooth pillow on top of every spring unit, which will adapt to the shape of your body, delivering
a remarkable level of comfort


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