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Volvo FM

Volvo FM - Designed for the road

The Volvo FM has been described as “the art of efficiency”, and rightly so. Apart from the engines being highly fuel-efficient, the in-cab comfort is so pleasurable that the driver can concentrate fully on the task of running the truck, and that entails efficient driving. The super comfortable cab environment, the driveline and the I-shift gearbox all work together to produce a spectacular driving experience in a truck that can truly do any job you ask. The Volvo FM takes efficiency to a new level and we recommend it for regional distribution and long haul.

5 reasons to chose a Volvo FM

  • Made for regional distribution and long haul.
  • Fuel efficiency AND operational efficiency.
  • I-Shift software packages optimises gear changes to match your specific needs.
  • Cabs nice enough to make you forget about everything but driving.
  • The Volvo ECS protects your cargo.


Title Volvo FM Series
Engine Volvo D11C 10.8 litre, 6 cylinder with Turbocharger, and Volvo D13C 12.8 litre, 6 cylinder with Turbocharger
Emission Control Euro5 (ADR80/03) with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Optional Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle (EEV) upgrade available (excludes 450Hp engine)
Power D11C - 330Hp, 370Hp, 410Hp or 450Hp, and D13C - 460Hp or 500Hp
Torque D11C - 1600Nm, 1750Nm, 1950Nm, 2150Nm, and D13C - 2300Nm or 2500Nm
Transmission Volvo I-Shift, Powertronic (D11C only) or manual
Configurations 4x2, 6x4, 6x6 or 8x4
GVM Up to 27.7 tonne
GCM 44 to 100 tonne
Front Axle 9 tonne or 13 tonne (dual front axle)
Rear Axle 13 to 26 tonne
Suspension Front Parabolic spring or air; Rear Leaf spring or air suspension
Wheelbase 3000 to 6700mm
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