Fleet Management


CMV Truck & Bus has pioneered the philosophy of onsite service and parts supply to major fleet and corporate customers.

Whether it be just a parts supply to your own workshop or a full turn-key after-sales solution by providing administrative staff, technicians and parts, CMV Fleet Management is able to provide you an innovative and efficient way of maintaining your vehicle fleet (including plant and trailers). The advantage for the customer is that CMV Fleet Management supplies the staff and owns the parts stock, only selling it as its fitted to a particular vehicle, thus providing cash flow relief for the customer whilst maximising uptime for their fleet by having parts in stock and if required, technicians, on site.

Again, the advantage of recruiting and training our staff, technicians and parts interpreters through the CMV Truck & Bus Technical Training Centre means we are able to supply an ongoing source of knowledgeable and qualified staff for your organisation's needs.

For further information about CMV Fleet Management options available to your organisation, please contact Matthew Smith on (03) 9582 6500 or email your enquiry.