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World-class Japanese technology delivers durability, reliability and care for the environment.

Originally UD stood for Uniflow-Scavenging Diesel Engine, an engine we released in 1955 that resolved critical engine issues such as size, noise and cost. This engine became our main product for several decades. UD was to become our promise and thinking of Ultimate Dependability which we still stand by today. We listen to the needs of our customers to deliver solutions that will ultimately enhance their businesses and services.

UD Trucks first appeared on the Australian market in 1972 initially importing four models in their product range. UD’s first model to Australian shores was the now famous CK40. The single drive CK40 prime mover boasted 265hp and was mated to a 5 speed Nissan Diesel transmission and gave UD its reputation for building some of the toughest trucks available in the Australian market place. In the 15 years between 1973 and 1988 UD imported 955 units of the CK40 making it one of the highest selling units imported by UD.

All UD Trucks are assembled and manufactured in Japan and are exported to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, North America, Central and South America. There are four UD production facilities operating in Japan. Each has a specific role with head office being located at the Ageo Plant just outside of Tokyo. The Ageo plant built a total of just under 50,000 production units during 2008. The Konosu Plant is responsible for the casting of cylinder block heads, brake drums and flywheels, the Hanya Plant manufactures transmissions and the Motegi Proving Ground is responsible for the durability testing of vehicles and components.

Nissan Diesel Motor Co. Japan was formerly integrated into AB Volvo after the purchase of majority ownership by the Swedish multinational in March 2007.

UD Trucks is your business partner, committed to providing a complete, Genuine Aftermarket solution. A commitment that means you can deliver with confidence. As a global company based in Japan, we take full advantage of the technology available to us for product development.

Save money and the earth

At UD trucks, we thrive on challenge. UD Trucks were the first manufacturer to offer SCR technology across the entire model range. Our new Euro 5 Condor medium duty and Quon heavy duty range of trucks deliver huge improvements in fuel efficiency - up to 10% in Condor models - with increases in power and torque over Euro 4 models. With new ergonomic cabs, improved driver comfort, and touch screen SatNav technology incorporating "hands free" bluetooth, UD delivers a better truck for the money.

UD’s Quon range of heavy duty trucks have been No 1 in Japanese truck sales over 350 hp for 7 years. The CW rigid and GW and GK articulated covers semi and B-Double applications, through to tipper and dog, container distribution, line haul and tautliners. All UD Quon trucks use SCR technology to run cleaner, producing less greenhouse gases than equivalent EGR equipped trucks.

UD Trucks really do allow you to save money and the earth.

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